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Hiking and much more in País Vasco's nature (link) .

Places to visit in the park:

Get to the park, points of interest.

- From Areatza (in front of the church), track that takes us to the Pagomakurre recreational area.

- At the top of Barazar (Zeanuri): track leading to the recreational area of Saldropo.

- From the neighborhood of Lanbreabe (Zeanuri): path through which you access the parking of Arimekorta.

- In Orozko, from the neighborhood of Gallartu: track that leads us to the recreational area of Atzagorta.

- From Orozko, Usabel: we can access the Belustegi recreational area.

- From Artea: track that takes us to the Pagomakurre recreational area.

- From Zuia, and in Sarria: the Park House.

- From Murua: recreational area of the old quarries.

The Interpretation Centre and pools of Sarria

If you are in Murgia you cannot miss the breath of the Natural Park. Go up to the park house and breathe Gorbeia.
Following the river, in a short walk you will find the pools, a perfect place to a dip. If you continue the way, along the Baias river and more and less 6 km you will arrive at the Arlobi bridge. It is here where begins the ascent to the peak. This route is beautiful and the difficulty is low.

Beech wood of Altube

Entering to the park by Sarria, you will discover one of the most extensive beech forests of Euskadi, the Altube. This unique natural place offers the hiker fantastic landscapes, especially in autumn, when the forests acquire the characteristic warm colours of the season. Several well-marked trails run through these extraordinary forests. Among them we propose the so-called Las Burbonas.

Arlobi Menhir

From the house of the Park through the route of the Baias we find this formation of stone of the Bronze Age (2000 a.c.), Arlobi with 4.250 kg of weight and almost 5 meters of height. Although its function is unknown, it could be related to rituals of death, ancient sun worship, fertility...

Quarries of Gorbea

After a beautiful journey from Murgia to Murua, 3.5 km. You will find the old quarries that today have become a picnic area.
From there you can go through one of the most popular trails to crown Gorbeia, the Egillolarra path through the ravine Zubialde River.

Cave of Mairuelegorreta

It is inhabited by the great goddess of Basque mythology and today one of the most valuable speleological cave n Euskadi, with almost 13 kilometers of galleries. Currently, to visit the inside of the cave you need a licence and a specialized guide.

Wetland of Saldropo and Otzarreta Beech forest

The wetland of Saldropo is near the port of Barazar on the N-240 road that connects Vitoria and Bilbao, at the foot of the crag Peña de Atxuri.The central part contains a very particular ecosystem, of high ecological value.

Otzorreta Beech forest
In this peculiar place lives a peculiar beech forest. Its branches do not grow horizontally, as is common among beech trees, but vertically, towards the sky. And it is that these trees were exploited to obtain coal.

Eye of Atxular

The Eye of Atxular is the result of one of the karstic phenomena that occurs when water dissolves and fractures this limestone rock from Itxina's karst. It is a natural window that opens on the north face of the Itxina mountain range, an outcrop of limestone, formed from the coral reefs of 110 million years ago.

Natural Protected Biotope of Itzina

In the heart of the Gorbeia Natural Park, a high plateau of about 15 km emerges. It has an altitude of 1,100 meters.(Orozko Valley)

Gujuli / Goiuri Waterfall

The village of Gujuli is located on the edge of the Gorbea Natural Park.Its waterfall can be considered as the largest waterfall in the north of the peninsula. A vertical jump of more than 100 meters on the way to the jump of the Nervión, to the cheese factory of the Basterra brothers, to the craft brewery Baias in Oiardo ...
And so many other points of natural, cultural and ecological interest: caves of Supelegor, the historic center of Areatza, the House-Tower of Aranguren in the wonderful valley of Orozko; or the parish church of Andra Mari in Zeanuri. Ibarra with the Itxina rock in the background, Pagomakurre or the Arraba fields. We would never finish.